Nagata Lab

My Role
Website Design
Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator

NagataLab is a website for showcasing the professor’s research results on sustainable education and climate change education. This is a client project I collaborated with a company based in Japan during the pandemic. My role in this project is to redesign the website.

Target users are Including elementary, middle, and high school students, university students, language teachers, private sector stakeholders, ministry of the Environment office staff, and people interested in climate change.

Lunch Website


Professor had an old website built years ago with an out-of-date programming language and poor user experience. The purpose of the project was to create a more modern, vibrant look and feel that better showcases the breadth of his research.

The main idea is to convey the ambiguous concept of “education” visually, bringing the message in visual with “human, warm, accepting, diverse, harmony between humankind and the environment”.

Process and Solutions

We Integrate mathematical concepts that the professor likes such as sacred geometry, Fibonacci series geometry, and fractals. Applying into the illustration. Touching up with using an orange gradient and a noise texture touch to bring out the warmth and humanity of education.

A new typeface combination includes a confident, wide format, headline typeface and a modernized, easy-to-read, body copy typeface – and a more vibrant and sophisticated color palette that reflects the depth of the professor’s publishing.

User experience had great improvement with more readability and a better information section structure design.

Mobile UI

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