My Role
Illustration, Web Visual Design, Website Front-end Design,
Photoshop, Sketch, Html, SCSS, Gulp, jQuery
This is a client project I worked on. Mongo’s cleaning products are for pets. The website is not only an e-commerce platform but also a place to promote the concept of pet health management.


Mongo needed to built a website that resonate with its clean and minimal packaging and its voice.

Optimizing the shopping cart process will be the first center for UX design, focusing on effectively guiding users to understand mongo’s product categories.

Process and Solutions

We executed the idea with a clean visual and user-focused checkout process layout. Category blocks on the home page guiding users to their main three product categories.

In Mandarin, mongo means "cute dog". I create this lovely black dog illustration for the product categories. Also for the front-end development, adding a morph blob SVG animation the the background making this minimal website more vibrant.

Mobile UI

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